Ever feel like its just sooo hard to stay positive when facing problems all the time? Well I know how you feel. It can be demoralizing just thinking about trying to be positive. But I found that although we can`t always have control over every situation, we can change our outlook by actively sieving what we process/think.

I will admit starting out may not be easy but its worth giving a try. If you really want to bring positive energy into your environment.

So let`s dive into it.

Here are 3 ways to keep a positive mindset :
positive mind
  1. Pick 1-3 things to be grateful for each day for a week

I initially thought this had to be a list of fancy-over-the-top things to be grateful for. But really if all you have to be grateful for is waking up alive today. Then you have #1 fact on your list. Believe it or not there are millions of people that wish they could have the ‘horrible’ life we so much want to change. So go ahead and pick even the smallest or simplest things to show gratitude. Since learning about this strategy, not a day goes by without me thanking God for all that He has blessed me. I also found this mindtools.com article on affirmations quite helpful when I had no clue on how to start. Plus you can tailor it to fit your lifestyle.


2. Write affirmations

Affirmations are simply positive statements that can help overcome negative thoughts and even attract positive energy. And you don`t need to be In a good mood to start. All you need to do is write down a few sentences and start confessing them. Even when you don`t feel like its working, keep at it till you see a change. As they say “fake it till you make it, right”.


Being positive isn`t pretending that everything is good- It`s seeing the good in everything."

3. Share a funny joke with a friend or watch a comedy show

Life is too short to always be serious. Laugh more, whether yourself or with some good friends! Watch a comedy show or movie if it helps ease the tension. Heck, even laugh at yourself sometimes. I remember one time at university. I was walking with my sister when we meet with one of the popular guys in school. I literally tripped and almost fell and everyone noticed. I mastered the courage to walk like nothing happened but once out of sight, my sister and I definitely had a good laugh about it.

I hope these 3 simple tips can help you stay positive admist life`s challenges. If you know or practice other ways to stay positive, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Happy positive thoughts!