Is there a way to ‘ACTIVELY WAITING’ on GOD? Here are 2 ways

Ever heard the words “waiting on God for an answer to a prayer?”. I have probably like a million times in this life. And initially I thought, you go about your usual day hoping that God will work things out for you and envision this wonderful surprised look on your face one day when things just poof into place. But  NOPE, lol, sometimes things just don`t happen that way. I actually began learning that there`s more on our part to do than just seating and ‘waiting’. Want a hint?…Here- It’s actually the action put to faith hence the notion ‘Actively waiting on God’.

So first thing first- what do we mean by waiting on God?

So I believe waiting is praying and expecting God to make a move in your life, at the right time. But I like how David Jeremiah puts it by saying “To wait on the Lord is to trust that God is at work even when His timetable is longer than we`d like.”

And why do we struggle waiting?

Ok, let`s be honest. Waiting is boring and tough, especially when you can`t see any results popping up. I remember in kindergarten school, I had to wait for my dad to come pick me up after knock off one day. And although, I knew he was on his way, It felt like eternity standing by the gate as I watched all my friends get picked up by their parents. Moreover, I was too young to have a phone that I could call ad be like “Where are you Dad!?”. So all I could do was pace around and lean against the gate wall and just..well..wait. He eventually came ofcourse but it was indeed a struggle waiting for him. And that was because to me, everyone around me was moving forward and time kept passing which scared me.

And even today, there are moments where I feel behind in life because I`m still waiting for God to show me the way or open a new door. But lately, I realized that you don`t just seat and do nothing. There`s an adverb that`s usually missed- which is being ACTIVE. Its what sets apart the dread vs hopeful aspect of waiting.

“You are not just waiting in vain. There is a purpose behind every delay.”
Mandy Hale

So we now ponder the question- how does one actively wait?

For me, it really came down to these 2 points.

  1. You put your faith to work

In my years growing up, I thought waiting was just that. You seat, look around or fold your arms and just wait. I didn`t know I could do something as I waited in expectation. And it can come off naturally too. Kinda like how a parent can promise to buy a phone or unmentioned gift. I used to google specs, phones pouches and anything I needed to know before I even got one. Or looking for a job. You apply to every place and even dress your best when dropping off a CV cause you`re actively looking and expecting to get one.

  1. Confess/Affirm it with scripture

In Christianity, we believe in speaking what you want in line with scripture. Whereas, in the circular space, this is known as affirming. I like writing down what I want to see manifested in a month, 3 months, a year and just write it down with scripture so I can visualize it. Plus words have power to create and change circumstance.

I can safely say that although I still have a long way to go on achieving my dreams, it helps to know I can get there sooner if I do it right.

If you know other ways of actively waiting on God. Do share your thought. Let`s spread the word together!