What are you afraid of ?

Is it rejection, failing at something….death…unforeseen danger..or just life challenges.

We`ve all been here.

What is so beautiful about our circumstance is that you can break Fear.

Someone once said “courage isn`t absence of fear but..” There`s a point where you get fed up of all the tears, body twitchs and sleepless nights. And that`s where things begin to change. You realize that you don`t have to live a miserable life. Instead you can live an awesome life.

So here`s what I continue to learn in my journey:
positive mind

God has a letter for you

One night I got fed up and searched on googled bible verses on Fear. I got my bible and began reading and reciting. I found words that hit home and if I felt like He just knew what I was going through. So I meditate as much as I am and whenever I can make time. You`re answered peace through the storm and power of fear in Faith.

Shut Fear out!

Like immediately fear creeps its head into your thoughts. Talk it down. Even if you don`t fear any change or positive response, keep talking it down.

Think about something good

Phillipians 4:8 . You literally feel lighter when you think of a happy memory or even a joke. Kinda makes you forget for a moment about your troubles. Sometimes even favourite songs help cheer up one`s spirit.

Assess your fear

Talk to someone who would help.  Sometimes we think and feel like the only person. Whose ever gone through our circumstance. But really others also experienced our fears. Ask someone you know for advice. And not just a friend who also has the same problem. Otherwise you both end up drowning sorrows.