In my childhood neighborhood, we had very interesting neighbors who were, at the time, jumping over gates. Most particularly entertaining was their granny, who would come over often to visit. On an auspicious day, she decided to pay a visit only to find that the short gate we had was locked. She said she tried calling out our names but to no avail. And that`s when a light bulb went on. Not sure of what could have transpired between then but we noticed was someone at our doorstep knocking. My mum opened and noticed the gate was still tight locked.

My mum asked our neighbor granny how she got inside the gate. To our amusement she said she climbed the gate. In her exact words “Ooh I just jumped over when no one came to open for me.” We laughed hysterically.

Moral of the story?.. if you meet a gate or challenge on your way in life. Jump or climb over that challenge to your success. Easier said than done, right?  Something we find challenging can actually be the stepping stone needed to conquer any situation. Think big on possibilities.

“ What if we were to change the narrative. Wouldn`t life feel more purposeful.?”

Feel free to share any experiences you might have had dealing with tall gates (life challenges)