Ever wonder if your circle of friends has people that truly care about your well being in life? Or ever feel like you need someone who is for you 100%? I know just how you feel. Being able to tell who your true friends are can be quite tricky , especially when you seem to have a lot of people that call you their best or close friend.

Friendships we enter into at kindergarten, elementary or high school are kinda different to those we make in college and work environment. When young, it`s all about joining the cool group and as we grow older you start looking for meaningful friendships that not only create a fun atmosphere but as well support you in all aspects of life.


Personally looking back to my past years of life. I`ve been able to pick a few hints that I believe tell whom your true friends are.

Although, this is not a one-size-fits-all typa thing. This is based on how you relate with your peers which is largely influenced by the circumstances around you.

So without wasting any time, let`s dive in.


Here are 3 ways to tell who your true friends are;

1.       How do they celebrate your success

Do your friends call for celebration when they hear you reached a milestone or do they smirk and say something like “finally, took you long enough”. A few months ago I make up my mind to finally learn how to drive and get my license.  Took me 6 months to get it all done. Majorly due to COVID19 restrictions I got scared to going outside the house. Till one day in my 2nd month I checked up on one of my classmates who encouraged me to start as she was already in her second week in.  I pushed despite obstacles and in June 2020 I finally got my license.

Throughout my course I didn’t tell any of my large circle friends. Because not everyone wants to see you make it in life.  So when I got my license I started tell a few friends and I definitely got different responses. The friends I expected to be leap for joy and dance through the ceiling didn’t. Their tone of voice simply read “good for you” . Whereas the friends I didn’t even tell thinking they wouldn’t really care were actually the ones that leaped and even started making outing arrangements so we go celebrate. Long story short I got to know who some of my real friends were.

2. At your lowest point in life, how do they react?

When you`re broke or just been through a breakup or going through a crisis at home. True friends encourage and support you through the ups and down. True friends pray for you and lend an ear to listen and in some cases even work together to solve the problem.  I remember on my close friends one time actually bought me a meal because I couldn’t afford it. She didn’t have all the money in the world herself but shared with me what she had. Not to say that if a friend can`t buy you stuff they not true friends here, no, but the idea is not every friend is willing to step out of their way to help another friend in need.

3. On a Trust scale of 1-10, how selfless are your friends?

Selfless in the sense, being able to wish someone well in their pursuit of happiness o goals in life. Not getting entangled in gossip right after they hear your secret goals or accomplishments. And just be willing to help out if you need to get a task done but have no clue or info on how to go about it.


While there are hundred other traits to choose from in evaluating your friendships, I hope these 3 ways to tell who your true friends are helpful.

By the way, let me know what other ways you tell whom your true friends are, in the comment section below.