Sometimes we get so caught up with life that it’s natural to forget to pause for a moment. And just relax.  In my personal experience, I found that some of my hobbies got me relaxed and got me feeling re-energized.

Taking time to relax and re-energize is a great way to care for your body in a healthy way. What makes relaxing so worth it is you can be as creative as you want to be in finding the right balance for you. So far here are the 4 ways that personally shine in my good books on relaxing and energizing;

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

1. Get your body moving

Doing stretches always gets me feeling relaxed. Our muscles can tensed up from either sitting too long or keep an awkward posture for hours.

2. Taking a shower/soak in the bathtub

With all the essential oils and herbs to try out these days, taking a nice soaking bath has being a luxury. It helps you think clearly.

3. Listening to your favorite music

Music has an effect on all of us. No matter what genre we listen to. People can share feelings, emotions, history and so much more through music.

4. Watching a movie

Ever had that feeling of being at peace watching something fun or chilled to just forget about the swamped work you have and just breathe. Yes!!! That’s me when it comes to movies. Pick a good movie and just relax your mind. I love how Glossy Belle puts it in her article here, she says “Sometimes we have so many responsibilities in everyday life that we don’t let our minds take a break.” With the ever increasing demands and unstable economies, it can get pretty easy to lose yourself and get overworked. So try to slot in some you time every now and then. 🙂

Conclusion – All in all, unwinding is very crucial for our health. We should always remember that we are not robots and we need to take care of our bodies as they do a lot just to us keep us going. With that being said check out the link in my bio for more ways to deal with recouping from work stress or even worry. Cheers!!