How do we beat worry on a daily basis when life keeps trying to fight us. What calms us and reassures us that we are doing okay if when we sometimes aren’t?

Whilst there are numerous ways to cope with worry over so many issues. Here are 4 ways that I  personally practice whenever I feel troubled in any situation.

  1. TALK to GOD

Now there are 2 ways to look at this point. Some like to talk to God through prayer, while others simply talk to God as though they could see Him. Which ever works for you, this tip is one that never fails to beat worry. I was raised with traditional approach of talking to God and grow up believing God doesn’t respond to plain spoken words. That is until I got to realize that even during my most devastating days, He still heard me..He listened…He comforted me, I didn’t know it ofcourse…and then He responded to my cries. Just to show me that He actually heard every word.

Since a few encounters, I have spiritually matured to now speak to Him using His promises. We don’t have to bear worry on our own but can freely submit our petitons, with supplication and thanksgiving to God. Knowing that He will surely hear our pleas. The most evident part of talking to God is the peace that just falls upon you from the very moment you talk to Him. Sometimes you don`t even realize it till someone point sit out.

2. Speak positive words even when it hurts

Embracing positive words and mindset has the power to change atmosphere. I talk more about positive mind here. Even if you feel things aren`t changing the way you would hope. Just keeping speaking as if everything is sorted. When you speak, you create realities from the invisible spirit realm that become real. Everytime you see yourself saying something negative, replace it with positive words to beat worry. It will also trigger your emotions to think the same.

3. Listen to music that speaks to your life

There`s music for all occasions. And this goes for beating worry out of your mind and heart as well. Our generation Is full of Christian artists that produce inspiring music that speaks to pain, anxiety and even express happiness. One morning in September, I was going to work on a Monday feeling miserable about my life, when I recalled a song by Jonathan Taylor that reassured me that God is handling all my worries.  You can check out his song “I Trust You” posted below or check out his Youtube channel.

4. Breathe, get some fresh air

Worry can feel suffocating at times to point where one feels sick. So its important to stop, take a deep breathe and get some naturally sunshine or freeze re-energize or relax your muscles. Stretching while you get fresh air also helps with blood circulation which in turn helps us think clearly. So whenever you feel stuck and worrying over work or family or school, stay a 5 minute break to breathe and calm.

Although we live in a world where life can bring about the worst situations, isn`t always important to take care of your mind and body. In what ways do you beat worry ? Please share in the comment section below. Would love to hear from you.