Lets be real…being broke is painful. And although some of us try so hard to steer away from that trap, it somehow ends up the same way every month. But good news, There are people just like you and me that manage a lifestyle, in which they are never broke. And its not rocket science when you know the key habits that can help you achieve a never broke lifestyle.

Never be broke

I can testify that this really does work. But ofcourse I`m still a work in progress but that`s why we`re here to encourage each other..right?

So with no further delay, lets dive right into what these 4 habits are;

#1 Tithe at 10% of your income

Now this may not apply to everyone. Especially since its faith based. But I purposely put it at #1 because I`m a true believer of Christ. And If I`m to share my successes with you, I can`t hold anything back. This is the 1st thing I do of whatever I make (aka my income).

The Word in Proverbs 3:9-10 “v9 clearly puts it “Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of thine increase. V10 So shall thy presses shall burst out with new wine.” Simply put, you and I can`t outgive God. What you give him, He will multiply even more. And if you wanna now more about tithing, check out Dave Ramsey`s article here

#2 Time to  Budget !

This one is seems pretty simple right. Well I personally struggled to create and even stick to a budget. I believed I`m a spontaneous individual that wants to practice financial freedom. “Fake it till you make it right?”- well not so quite. Its possible to create a budget that does allow you to stick to a plan and give allowance to be spontaneous. There`s several ways to do this, you just need to hit that Google search button. I personally found it hard to stick to a budget in the beginning. It felt like being told what to do with my money funny enough but I realize it did save me on days where I could have overspent. So what I did is, I researched a couple of budget templates. And then tailored it to my lifestyle.

Never be broke

#3 Cut down unnecessary expenses

Sometimes an easy lifestyle can be costly when you analyze its worth. For example, at some point I would buy a 500ml bottled water to work everyday. With the rational of “I don’t want to carry a heavy bottle everywhere” and also I would just throw it in the trash without thinking about the implications. So imagine, I bought a bottle 5 times a week, 20 times a month. At cost of 25 cents. (I know, it sounds ridiculously cheap!!) but 50 *20 days is 10 dollars. And in 10 months that’s 100 dollars. See where I`m going with this? So review your lifestyle choices. For example, maybe you could eat in and not always buy take aways? Or if possible to walk to nearest shop, instead of driving and spending extra fuel? A few ideas to get you started.

#4 Automate savings

Wish I acted on this earlier. I was the one who preferred to remember what amount to save and on which date of the month. Depending on issues of life that time. But really, automating your savings actually take the energy and wok of doing it yourself. For the aka spontaneous people like me. If I have an emergency-out-of-the-ordinary need to use a portion of the savings. I adjust that automatic savings amount so I can still be proactive in my financial goals. (I don’t recommend doing this but this seems to work for me. So think outside the box!)

Finally #5, DO NOT LIVE a lifestyle beyond your paycheck/income

However you manage your income, try your best not to live above the paycheck or income. That simple. Only exception here is if you want to purchase a long lasting investment like house or something. But that goal should be clearly thought out to save a portion each month towards it.

Take advantage of these simple habits and you`re on your way to never being broke. If you`ve tried some of these tips or even know of others. Do share in the comment section. And let`s grow together!