Does it ever seem like some people just have more hours in a day than others? As if some get 30 hours instead of the usual 24hrs. Really the key to becoming a successful person is understanding how to maximize time to be productive. If your favorite and famous personality can do it..well so CAN you!!

I for so long struggled to be organized in this department. I`m quite good at making plans, time lines and schedules. But I realized as time went by that I wasn`t great at executing my plans. I would plan to do like 6 things at the beginning of a week and only come out with 1 or 2 atmost done. A real dumper on the following week`s motivation. So I had to start re-evaluating my daily routine and see what others were doing, that I wans`t really practicing.

So here are 5 ways to stay productive during your week:

Write a to do list

I know…sometimes you have like just 2-3 tasks but its still worth noting down. One it helps you think clearly. Two, you can actually break down the 3 big tasks into simple actionable steps. Which brings us to our 2nd tip.

Break tasks into bite size steps

I personally found that when making a plan or schedule. There are bits and pieces that make a task. For example, If you say you want to apply for a job. That’s probably a 3 step process in one. First, you need to find the job to apply for. Then draft the cover letter and adjust your cv (curriculum vitae) if necessary to fit job description. Then there`s the emailing or posting depending on the guidelines provided by the employer. So understanding that this task can be done in bite size pieces can be a real motivator. Especially when we have school, or family and other life commitments.

Get a head start to your day by prioritizing tasks.

Set times when you block out chatting on phone or social media

Once you got your breakdown on each task on check. You want to block out time that you can committee to actually do and finish the task. Whatever time of the day works most for you, blocking out distractions is part of getting the work done too. Personally putting my phone on silent and across the room helps me get a good 30 minutes of work done with focus. Ofcourse everyone is different. Some like listening to music while working, that’s fine too. Muting app notifications can go together with this option. Be creative in finding your zone.

When you feel like things are getting out of control...Pause for a moment! And just breathe.

Review list of tasks done at end of work day and re-strategize

I think this probably the most fun part of doing work or task for me. Ticking and crossing out to do lists. As if I`ve zapped them out of existence. Lol But really it little exercise helps you evaluate how your day went. Questions like

“Did I achieve what I planned?”,

“Were they of priority or could I have done something else?” and

“How do I adjust this list to be more productive tomorrow?”

Basically reviewing your days work on paper or screen gets you motivated to keep . And also builds up your time management skills to get stuff done. Plus even get you some free time to do fun things in life. Like going to music concert, hiking, going to a café with your true friends, read a good book or just play silly.

You are your KEY to Productivity

Keep a good sleep routine

Keeping a good sleep routine is no stranger for anyone that wants to be productive. Trust me I`ve seen days where I slept late in the name of pushing-the-grind. All to just wake early and drag myself through the day and NOT being productive at all. So make an effort to sleep on time and get enough hours fit for you.

Personally, the best way to know how many hours you need to sleep is to do a little experiment. Notice the time your eyes start feeling sleepy in the evening. Then quickly get ready for bed and sleep.

When your body has gotten enough time to recharge it will wake up. Take note of time you woke up and count the hours to when you slept. And there you have the right amount of sleep hours for your sleep routine. For more tips  on how to start a sleep routine, check this out.

Let me know if any of these tips worked for you. Or if you have other ways that have helped you stay productive throughout your week. Share in the comments section below.