Ever feel like you jut don`t know what you say or do sometimes at work. And it gets worse when you are given a tough assignment to work on which just drains your mental energy?

Well, I sure know how that feels like and I`m here to tell you, you`re not alone.

Everyone experiences low self esteem at times during work. Especially if a cetain task is perceived as daunting. But you don’t have to live nor work like this. What we all need is a confendence bosst every now and then to keep us moving.

So here are some 3 ways to help you build confidence at work:

1. Its okay to ask questions or help

Surprisingly organizations have different work cultures around how work is done. For instance, it is possible to work in an environment where people always seem to put their best foot forward. And heck, even if behind the scenes the work turns out slightly messy, those colleagues just know what to say and do to make it work.

But what you need to know is that its is very important to BE YOURSELF and ask questions whenever given a task. Especially if working on a task first hand. Supervisors and Bosses feel more at ease when employees are honest enough to seek clarification or even ask for guidance to get an assignment done. 

In my first ever job experience during internship, one my supervisors explicitly advised me and I quote “DO NOT DO ANYTHING IF YOU DON`T KNOW HOW- JUST COME ASK ME AND I WILL HELP”.  Like I was totally got off guard when he said those words and he even repeated them 3 times. I put a straight face but was actually laughing out loud on the inside. Basically, asking or seeking guidance gives you a blueprint on how to best perform your work, gives you confidence and credit when the job is done.

Confidence begins in knowing that you are enough and whatever you do has got nothing to do with who you are as an individual or your worth.

2. Break a BIG task into small Actionable steps

So you`ve asked questions and seeked clarification. Now you become thee planner of the year! You figure out how it will take you to complete the task, within the deadline ofcourse, and set your personal action steps. Its much easier to gain confidence at work when you lay out all the small steps it wil take you to do complete a task. And even name the persons you have to go to for their input along the task timeline. It kinda makes you feel like you know what you`re doing and when you feel stuck at any point, tip #1- Ask your supervisor or the person whom assigned you the task.

If you`re a perfectionist like I was, this will probably be the hardest tip to swallow but you need to take it. Always review your work even if it’s a task you know how to do already. We are humans, and by that nature, prone to human error. Reviewing your assigned task before submitting to your senior supervisor or Boss will give you the confidence to even provide some smart response should there be questions about your completed task. I can testify to this that it really helps and works for you.

One thing we can all appreciate is that no one is perfect, even when it relates to your work. I`ve seen people that I never expected to mess up a few times during my work experience which also gave me assurance in learning. By accepting to learn, we sharpen our work skill sets for greater things in life too.

Let me know what tips and tricks you`ve used or are using to build your confidence at work, in the comments session below. Can`t wait to hear from you! Cheers 🙂