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Hi!...Welcome to OurLightSpot

I`m so excited to meet you. Name`s Sangwani, but my friends just call me Sangwa. Let`s get to know each other. I`m a training officer by trade, blogger and a goal-getter of my dream life living financially free. I believe we all have talents, skills and passions that are yet to be explored on the inside of us. We just need a spark of faith and will power to take a leap of faith.

You know that feeling that just doesn`t go away , even when you`re at your lowest point. Someone once told me “No worries..You`ll get it done, because you`re up for the task.” I believe you`re up for the task too!, to create the life you dream of and fulfil your purpose. Won`t you join me in this quest for a lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment? Xoxo